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Mall Pleven received the award of Pari daily

25 September 2008

Mall Pleven received the award of Pari daily for the biggest and most dynamic investment in the region of Pleven. The editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Stefan Nedelchev, gave the prize to Aladin Harfan at an official ceremony on Thursday, 25 of September. The Harfan-owned company Aladin is the investor in the shopping mall.

The businessmаn expressed his gratitude to the team of Pari daily for the high appraisal of the company's work. He added that he hopes Argoplasment i targovija will occupy one of the leading places in next years' ranking. Aladin acquired Argoplasment i targovija in February through a public tender.

Argoplasment i targovija trades in fertilizers and seeds and works in the area of real estate property. The company owns the OAPS building, which is under modernization.